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Pet Sitting Services

  • Pet Sitting
  • Vacation Pet Care
  • In-Home Pet Care
  • Daily Visits
  • Overnight Visits
  • Dog Walking
  • Puppy Care
  • Exotic Pet Care
  • House Sitting
  • Administer Medications
  • Other Pet Services
  • Free Visits (details below)

Pet Care Service Details

dog walking

Dog Walking

Dog walking will be in your neighborhood. We can change the walking route to create a new adventure for your dog with new smells and sounds. To create a walking adventure for your dog, just call Angel Pet Watch. Please note: I will not walk aggressive dogs.

Rates for 1 Pet $20.00 for each walk.
(Add $3.00 for each additional dog.)

puppy care

Puppy Care

Puppies are full of energy, they love to play and explore. If left alone for too long a puppy can get into trouble. Call Angel Pet Watch.

I will come to your home and play with your puppy. I will check to see if your puppy has gotten into anything and clean up any accidents. I will feed your puppy, give your puppy clean water and clean any bedding that may have gotten soiled.

Rates for 1 Puppy $20.00 each visit.
(Add $3.00 for each additional pet, for each visit.)

day visits

Day Visits

If your days are long or you are unable to go home to care for your pets, let me help you. I will go to your home and check on your pets, tend to their needs, clean up any accidents, spend some play time and give them food and clean water.

If you have a scheduled service coming to your home, I can be there for you. Your pet will be kept safe while the service person is there. I will also bring in any mail, papers, packages, water plants and more. My visits are approximately 20 minutes long.

Rates for 1 Pet $20.00 each visit.
(Add $3.00 for each additional pet, for each visit.)


Overnight Visits

Many animals cope better if there is someone with them overnight to comfort them.

Each overnight begins when you request and ends the next day at the start time. Upon arrival I will greet your pets and make sure they are safe. Each overnight visit includes the love and attention your pet deserves, along with playtime and belly rubs.

I will make sure they have fresh food, clean water and treats. I will clean any accidents, bring in your mail, papers and packages. I will water plants and do other basic household tasks to ensure that your home does not go unattended.

Overnight Rates for 1 Pet $125.00. (Add $3.00 for each additional pet.)

Sister Sitters and Additional Pet Care Service Details

dog walking

Sister Sitters

What happens when you are on vacation far from your home and your pet sitter has an emergency situation and can no longer care for your pets? Who’s watching your babies? Angel Pet Watch has you covered!

Taking your pet care needs one step further to ensure that you will always have a qualified pet sitter, I have created Sister Sitters. Together we will provide you with your customized care instructions that you provided us at your meet and greet. Sister Sitters are all certified in pet CPR and first aid, insured and bonded. Each Sister Sitter operates her own business. Our prices are the same and our office work is the same, so there is no confusion when it comes to your pet care needs. “Who’s Watching Your Baby?”

4 Paws Pet Watch
Owner: Lynna Mc Farland

Serving: Flower Mound, Lewisville, Double Oak, Copper Canyon, Lantana, Lakeside, Highland Village, Bartonville, Corinth & surrounding areas.

dog walking

Free Visits

Yes Angel Pet Watch offers one free visit, value $20.00. All you have to do is donate 2 medium size bags of dog or cat chow.

This donation goes to “Senior Paws”, a part of Meals on Wheels. Along with the warm meals delivered to people in need they also deliver food for their pets. Once a month I deliver all donations and purchases of pet food and treats to the Denton Senior Paws. Feed the people feed the pets.

pet care services

Call Angel Pet Watch for all your pet care needs!

We will customize a pet care plan to meet your pet’s needs,
and make your time away more enjoyable for both of you.

Payment of a 50% deposit is required before service. If you decide to cancel any service, I will need a 24 hour notice in writing and your deposit will be refunded to you.

Also please ask me about discounts.

Contact Debra Greenback

Pet Sitting Services for:  Flower Mound, Bridlewood, Double Oak, Highland Village, Lewisville,
Lake Dallas, Hickory Creek and surrounding areas.